Interdisciplinary Programs

Developmental Disabilities and Human Services: This specialization provides the opportunity for undergraduate psychology majors to obtain the skills needed for employment directly supporting individuals with disabilities. It is supported by the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services.

Environmental Science: The environmental science program offers a rigorous interdisciplinary understanding of the biological and physical sciences and their application to environmental problems.

Five College Astronomy Department: A collaborative program of UMass Amherst and Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, Amherst, and Smith colleges, this program links teaching and research programs at the five campuses and combines the small classes and individual attention found at small liberal arts colleges with the research opportunities and infrastructure of a large university.

Five College Coastal & Marine Sciences Program: This program offers interdisciplinary curriculum and research opportunities in both natural and social sciences to undergraduate students enrolled at UMass Amherst and Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, and Smith, and Amherst colleges.

iCons: integrated Concentration in Science: The iCons curriculum integrates scientific expertise across departments or fields and gives students the opportunity to work on real-world problems from day one. This new program—embedded in your major—will give you collaborative learning experiences, active scientific investigation, leadership development, and multi-disciplinary analytical skills.

International Agriculture Studies Certificate: A specialization in the International Agricultural Studies Program prepares agricultural scientists for careers involving increased production and improved distribution of world food and other biological resource products.

Pre-Medical/Pre-Health Advising: The university offers courses that meet all requirements necessary for application to health professional schools. There is no specific pre-med major; students must select a departmental major, such as Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Psychological and Brain Sciences. All students are encouraged to use the academic and career advising services provided by Pre-Medical/Pre-Health Advising.