Issue 2 - May 2012


Photo of Dean Steve GoodwinThis is a mast year for sugar maples, when they produce an overabundance of seeds.  Here on campus, we've had our own banner spring, with a crop of inspiring speakers reminding this Dean of what being part of a university is all about—a community of learners where students and faculty gather together for stimulating exploration of ideas and attempt to identify solutions…Read more



Photo of President Barak ObamaStudent-Led Permaculture Garden wins White House award
and was the top vote getter nationally for its "Campus Champions of Change Challenge." UMass Amherst is currently the only public university in the U.S. creating permaculture gardens directly on campus andusing the produce in its dining commons…Read more



Diagram of GeckskinInspired by Gecko Feet, Scientists Invent Super-Adhesive Material
Duncan Irschick, Biology, and Al Crosby, Polymer Science and Engineering, have discovered exactly how geckos produce a powerful adhesive force, leading them to invent "Geckskin," a device that can hold 700 pounds on a smooth wall…Read more

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