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The iCons partnership with Waters Corp. is profiled in Boston Business Journal

The academic partnership between students in the iCons program and Waters Corp., based in Milford, Mass., was profiled. Waters Corp. committed to working with the students in the spring semester and providing two internships over the summer, in addition to making a financial commitment. Boston Business Journal

McIntire wins 2014 Chancellor's Citation Award

Shawn McIntire, Cold Spring Orchards, was one of 10 UMass Amherst staff members who received the Chancellor’s Citation Award this year. Center for Agriculture, Family and the Environment newsletter, News release

Stockbridge School holds 92nd commencement

The Stockbridge School of Agriculture held its 92nd commencement, with students in six majors receiving associate of science degrees and bachelor’s degree of science. Wesley R. Autio, director of the Stockbridge School, Steve Goodwin, dean of the College of Natural Sciences, and Chancellor Kumble R. Subbaswamy led the ceremony, with both Goodwin and Subbaswamy noting that UMass Amherst is in the forefront of the green movement and is one of the nation’s leading universities in green energy technology and environmentally friendly policies. News release

Decker, Aiello receive honors at Graduate Commencement ceremonies

Eric Decker, Food Science, received a Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award, and Domenico Aiello '14 PhD, Mathematics and Statistics, received a Distinguished Graduate Student Teaching Award at the Graduate Commencement ceremonies. News release

Daily Hampshire Gazette supports the university's efforts to become a leader in the field of clean energy

An editorial in the Daily Hampshire Gazette lauds UMass Amherst's new role as a clean energy leader with the creation of the Energy Extension Initiative, which it notes will be managed by David Damery, Environmental Conservation.

Bash uses covert communication to camouflage messages

Boulat Bash, Computer Science doctoral candidate, and colleagues, using steganography, a.k.a. covert communication, have worked out how to camouflage messages in a way that is guaranteed mathematically, using a method of communication known as pulse position modulation, as published on Business Insider,,, MIT Technology Review, Social Times

Elkinton hopeful the winter moth will be eradicated

Joseph S. Elkinton, Environmental Conservation, said that scientists may be on the way to eradicating the winter moth, an insect pest that has caused damage in parts of eastern Massachusetts. Wicked Local Dennis

Consoer wins $26,000 Edith Robinson Fellowship

Mackenzie Consoer, doctoral candidate, Environmental Conservation, has been selected for the Edith Robinson Fellowship by the UMass Amherst Graduate School. The one-year award provides her with a full tuition scholarship and a stipend totaling more than $26,000. News release

Zhang and Xiao win 2014 Armstrong Fund for Science Award

Guodong Zhang and Hang Xiao, both Food Science, have won the 2014 Armstrong Fund for Science Award worth $30,000 for their project, “Co-administration of DHA and regorafenib synergistically inhibits colorectal cancer.” News release

Catanzaro interviewed by WWLP-TV 22 about the emerald ash borer

Paul Catanzaro, Environmental Conservation, was interviewed by WWLP-TV 22 about the emerald ash borer, an insect that kills ash trees and is spreading throughout the region. WWLP-TV 22

Rawlins quoted in WWLP-TV 22 story about a recent national climate assessment study

Michael Rawlins, Geosciences, was quoted in a WWLP-TV 22 story about a recent national climate assessment study. WWLP-TV 22

Organ profiled by Daily Hampshire Gazette

John Organ, Environmental Conservation, division chief of the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Northeast Region, and the recipient of the Wildlife Management Institute’s 2014 George Bird Grinnell Memorial Award for Distinguished Service to Natural Resource Conservation, was profiled by the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

First class of iCons students presents final research projects; CNS students give honorary lectures

The first class of iCons students presented the results of their iCons 4 thesis projects and the four recipients of the iCons Honorary Research Lectureship Award delivered oral presentations: Austin Barnes, Physics; Ayesha Sundaram, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Kevin Cavanaugh, Mathematics and Statistics; and Seamus Hughes, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. News release.

Patrick's administration funds $6 million Energy Extension Initiative

Governor Deval Patrick's administration has announced a four-year, $6 million grant to form a new UMass Amherst Energy Extension Initiative. David Damery, Environmental Conservation, is a PI for the new initiative, which will serve as a resource on renewable and clean energy for communities, industry, and organizations statewide.

Brown, DePiano, and Randhir win Sustainability Curriculum Initiative grants from the UMass Amherst Libraries

Amanda Brown and Lisa DePiano, both Stockbridge School of Agriculture, and Tim Randhir, Environmental Conservation, have been awarded Sustainability Curriculum Initiative grants of $1,000 each from the UMass Amherst Libraries to support revising existing courses to include or augment sustainability topics. CNS faculty won three of the nine grants awarded. News release

Warr and Eres win Goldwater Scholarships; Manteiga wins honorable mention

Two of three Goldwater Scholarships have been awarded to CNS juniors (pictured): Alyson Warr, Microbiology and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and Marco Eres, Chemistry. John Manteiga, also Microbiology and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, won honorable mention. "This is a tribute to the great research being carried out by our faculty," says Susan K. Whitbourne, Office of National Scholarship Advisement director, "and to their dedication to advising and mentoring undergrads."

Brown, Calapa, Beckford named Rising Researchers by UMass Amherst

Three of the four 2014 Rising Researchers were from CNS (from left): Walter Everett Brown ’16, Computer Systems Engineering and Computer Science; Marie Calapa ’14, Astronomy; and John Beckford ’15, Microbiology. Among their many other achievements, Brown has coauthored several pending papers and one published, Calapa was a 2013 Goldwater Scholar, and Beckford is an NSF LSAMP Scholar.

Smiarowski takes over the family farm after graduating from Stockbridge School of Agriculture

Teddy Smiarowski '13, Stockbridge School of Agriculture, is taking over the running of his family’s farm stand and creamery. Daily Hampshire Gazette

CNS students to be honored as 21st Century Leaders at Commencement

Four of the ten 21st Century Leaders honored for their exemplary achievement, initiative, and leadership at the UMass Amherst undergraduate commencement on May 9 will be students from the College of Natural Sciences: Emily Crain, Psychology; Lila Grallert, Veterinary and Animal Sciences and Stockbridge School of Agriculture; Veronica Ann Pace, Biology; and Kurt Schultz, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. News release

LaClair and Stein honored by the Center for Research on Families for their research

Two College of Natural Sciences students were among the 13 recipients of Center for Research on Families (CRF) grants and awards supporting research on family issues. Matthew LaClair, doctoral candidate, Neuroscience and Behavior Program, received a $10,000 CRF Family Research Graduate Student Grant. Jarrod Stein '14, Psychology, who works in Rebecca Spencer's Cognition and Action Lab, received a $500 CRF Family Research Honors Thesis/Capstone Award. News release

Whitbourne elected chair of Behavioral and Social Sciences Section (BSS) of Gerontological Society of America

Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Psychology, and director of the Office of National Scholarship Advisement, has been elected chair of the Behavioral and Social Sciences Section (BSS) of the Gerontological Society of America (GSA) for the 2015-16 term. News release

The LMZ's tick-testing services continues to receive coverage

Coverage of the Laboratory of Medical Zoology (LMZ) tick-testing services continues. Residents of 32 Massachusetts towns can receive free, expert identification of ticks and the disease-causing pathogens they carry from the LMZ, which identifies, tests, and reports ticks and associated diseases to residents, local boards of health, and the state Department of Public Health. Republican, Wicked Local Wayland, Wicked Local Concord, Boston Globe

Clark's research that most head lice are resistant to over-the counter treatments continues to be reported

The research of John Clark, Veterinary and Animal Sciences, that found that as many as 99.6 percent of head lice are now at least somewhat resistant to traditional over-the counter treatments, continued to be covered by the press after being published in the Journal of the Entomological Society of America. News & Observer,,

Meyer and colleagues find that oxytocin appears to increase social behaviors in newborn monkeys

Jerrold Meyer, Psychology, and colleagues have found that the hormone oxytocin appears to increase social behaviors in newborn rhesus monkeys. Meyers's lab conducted the chemical analyses of oxytocin and cortisol in the infant monkeys’ saliva for this joint National Institutes of Health study, quantifying how much of the hormone got into the animals’ systems via inhalation. The research appeared in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.,,,, Science Codex, Science Newsline,,, Daily Mail, Free Press, Medical Daily,, Science Daily,, News release

Sitaraman quoted in Huff Post about the impatience of Internet users

Ramesh Sitaraman, Computer Science, is quoted at some length about his research on the impatience of Internet users accessing online videos. Huffington Post