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Fu testifies before congressional committee on aids to fighting Medicare fraud

Kevin Fu, Computer Science, testified before the U.S. House Health and Energy Subcommittee looking into fighting Medicare fraud, and warned that so-called “smart cards” could be prone to hacking and thus problematic. The Hill

UMass Amherst geoscientists establish arrival of humans in a new way

Raymond Bradley, Geosciences, Robert D’Anjou, doctoral student, and UMass colleagues Nick Balascio and David Finkelstein, have used a biomarker from human feces to establish arrival of humans, grazing animals, and human population dynamics in a landscape. Time, Discover, Boston Globe, MSNBC,, Huffington Post, Popular Science, Red Orbit,,,, RawStory, Science Daily, Business Insider, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, News Release

Lila Gierasch discusses ground-breaking protein misfolding research

Protein folding pioneer Lila Gierasch, Distinguished Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, is a leading authority on how proteins fold and why they misfold. She has developed systems to better observes folding in the cell to examine the origins and mechanisms of protein aggregation in vivo, with a goal of better understanding misfolding-based diseases including neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, and Parkinson’s.

Olver honored for his service with UMass Amherst symposium

Retiring U.S. Rep. John Olver (D-Mass.), former UMass Amherst Physics professor, was feted with a symposium in his honor at UMass on November 19. News Release

Warren studies ecology of Boston

Paige S. Warren, Environmental Conservation, is leading a group of scientists studying the ecology of Boston to assess the effects of planting vegetation on city air quality, residents, and wildlife. Nature

Schweik is named a top 50 innovator in Education

Charles Schweik, Environmental Conservation, was named one of this year’s top 50 innovators in education by the Center for Digital Education for his pioneering use of open-source software in the classroom and as a research focus. News Release

Stein opposed to banning Styrofoam products in Amherst

Richard Stein, Chemistry, a member of the Plastics Hall of Fame, is featured for his efforts opposing a prospective ban on Styrofoam products in Amherst. Plastics News

UMass Amherst Permaculture Initiative video televised nationally

The UMass Amherst Permaculture Initiative’s recent video was recently aired nationally on the PBS program ‘Real Green.’ News Release

Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center Opens

Gov. Deval Patrick, UMass President Robert Caret and other state officials cut the ribbon to open the new Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center (MGHPCC), in Holyoke on Friday, November 16. The state-of-the-art center was built by a consortium of universities, including UMass Amherst, industry partners EMC and Cisco, and the Common-wealth of Massachusetts. The first project to be developed is a shared computer cluster, an “academic cloud” to provide service to university users. Prashant Shenoy, Computer Science, is a lead scientist on the $2.3 million NSF grant.

CAITE receives $6.24M NSF grant to create national resource for computer science education

The Commonwealth Alliance for Information Technology Education (CAITE) will share a five-year, $6.24 M NSF grant with Georgia Tech’s Georgia Computes! to create a national resource to broaden participation in computer science education. Mass High Tech,, Springfield Republican, News Release

Sitaraman quantifies effect of online video stream speed on viewer behavior

Ramesh Sitaraman, Computer Science, co-authored a recent study that finds Internet users begin abandoning slow-loading videos within two seconds, and that after waiting 10 seconds, 40 percent of users move on to something else. Science Daily,, CNN, Yahoo! News, Houston Chronicle, San Francisco Chronicle, PC Magazine, News Release

Brooks receives Distinguished Service Award by The Wildlife Society

Adjunct professor Dr. Robert T. Brooks, was selected by the Northeast Section of The Wildlife Society for their first Distinguished Service Award to recognize his work for the Section for the past three decades. The Wildlife Society

Lee identifies new protein key to asymmetric cell division

Wei-lih Lee, Biology, recently led a research team which has identified a new regulatory protein called She1, which is key to asymmetric cell division in stem cell self-renewal. Science Codex, Bio-Medicine, Science Daily, News Release

Grotevant receives Outstanding Scholar in Adoption Award

Harold D. Grotevant, Rudd Family Foundation Chair in Psychology, received the Outstanding Scholar in Adoption Award during the 7th Biennial Conference on Adoption. News Release

Brigham-Grette delivers Subaru Outdoor Life Lecture at Geological Society of America meeting

Julie Brigham-Grette, Geosciences, gave the Subaru Outdoor Life Lecture, titled “Driven to Extremes — The Roadless Pursuit of Scientific Drilling at El’Gygytgyn Crater Lake, Arctic Russia.” at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America. News Release

UMass President Robert Caret lauds UMass Marine Station

Robert Caret, UMass President, writes, “The goal of the marine station is exactly in sync with the goals set out [in the Morrill Land Grant Act] 150 years ago: Through public investment in higher education, individual students and the state as a whole benefit from thoughtful research and targeted innovation that, in the final analysis, mean more and better jobs, healthier citizens and a stronger society…The mission of the marine station, in studies on everything from the migratory pattern of the bluefin tuna to the reproductive habits of lobsters, has an enormous impact on how we will preserve and protect fish and fishing to keep this industry, and this vital source of food, intact and thriving for all of us.”

Brigham-Grette featured in article on women in climate sciences

Julie Brigham-Grette, Geosciences, is featured in an article about women working in climate sciences in the Daily Climate. Daily Climate

Brigham-Grette interviewed about women in high-level climate science jobs

Julie Brigham-Grette, Geosciences, is among a group of female scientists interviewed about the difficulty of finding top-level employment in the field of climate science. The Daily Climate

Condron identifies trigger for Earth’s most recent ice age

Alan Condron, Geosciences, and Peter Winsor, University of Alaska, have used new, high-resolution ocean circulation models to report the first conclusive evidence that the Laurentide Ice Sheet’s melting about 12,900 years ago caused a flood that ushered in the planet’s last major cold episode. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, NBC News, Science Daily, Science News,, Daily Mail (UK), Yahoo! News, Space Daily, Terra Daily, Fars News Agency (Iran), News Release

Holland’s Greenfield-based organic food company featured

Addie Holland, web developer for the Northeast Climate Science Center and the Geosciences Department, was featured in the Daily Climate for her organic food company, Real Pickles, in Greenfield. Daily Climate

Auerbach writes letter to New York Times editor about climate change

Scott Auerbach, Chemistry, writes in a letter to the editor published in The New York Times on November 1, 2012, that until Americans try to understanding and solve gradual problems such as global warming, climate change “will remain the Rodney Dangerfield of problems.” New York Times

Tropp interviewed on NPR's Talk of the Nation about interracial relations

Linda Tropp, professor of Psychology, and Director of the Psychology of Peace and Violence Program was interviewed on NPR's Talk of the Nation, about the media uses racism and bigotry to build an audience and sell advertising. NPR's Talk of the Nation

Silva is first recipient of National Grid scholarship

Derek Silva, a second-year Stockbridge School of Agriculture student from Lowell studying sustainable food and farming, is the first recipient of a new scholarship established by the National Grid Foundation to encourage minority students to pursue green-related careers. Funded with a $10,000 gift from the foundation, the GreenDependence Scholarship provides financial assistance to a qualified student interested in sustainability who wants to apply knowledge and skills through a community service-learning project.

Stinson receives $2M U.S. Department of Defense grant

Kristina Stinson, Environmental Conservation, was awarded a $2 million U.S. Department of Defense grant for her project, ‘Restoration of microbial function following degradation on DoD lands: Mediating biological invasions in a global context.’ News Release

Bradley says global warming a key driver of recent hurricanes such as Sandy, Irene

Raymond Bradley, Geosciences, and Director of the Climate System Research Center, says global warming is a key driver of recent large, intense hurricanes such as Sandy and Irene. Scientific American, Mother Jones, Montreal Gazette, Ottawa Citizen