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Rich reports new low-cost therapy to combat drug-resistant malaria parasite

Stephen Rich, Microbiology, leads a research team that has found a new low-cost combined therapy with a higher chance of outwitting Plasmodium falciparum, the mosquito-borne parasite that causes the deadliest form of malaria., Newstrack India, Digital Journal, News Release

Blanchard and DeAngelis share $500,000 Department of Energy grant to track microbes’ contribution to climate change

Jeffrey Blanchard, Biology, and Kristen DeAngelis, Microbiology, joined other New England researches in receiving a $500,000 U.S. Department of Energy grant to study the impact of a warmer climate on microbes and their production of greenhouse gases. News Release

Jordaan awarded $325,000 Pew Charitable Trust award for improved fishery sustainability

Adrian Jordaan, Environmental Conservation, received a $324,999 Pew Charitable Trust award for his project, “Evaluating the historical role of forage fish in lost fisheries production: Implications for future sustainability.” News Release

Petersen directs new STEM Diversity Institute

Sandra Petersen, Veterinary and Animal Sciences, is executive director of UMass Amherst’s new STEM Diversity Institute, which focuses on attracting and retaining women, minorities, and people with disabilities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. News Release

Condron's climate model is first to study climate effects of Arctic hurricanes

Alan Condron, Geosciences, is co-author of a study showing that intense but small-scale polar storms could make a big difference to climate predictions, and provides the first conclusive evidence that Arctic hurricanes, also known as polar lows, play a significant role in driving ocean water circulation and climate. Nature Geoscience,, Science Daily, Sify, Innovations Report, News Release

Mass researchers receive NSF grant for computer network to handle large volume of research data

A number of campus researches have received a two-year, $847,040 grant from the National Science Foundation to build a high-bandwidth optical data network designed to handle a large amount of computerized research data. News Release

Elkinton working on controlling winter moths by using another moth

Joseph Elkinton, UMass Extension, talks about how scientists are trying to control the winter moth, which can defoliate trees, by using another insect that feeds on the moths.

Bradley, Rawlins publish new high-resolution climate study, applying regional climate models

Geosciences professor Raymond Bradley and Michael Rawlins of the Climate System Research Center have published a new high-resolution climate study, the first to apply regional climate models to examine likely near-term changes in temperature and precipitation across the Northeast United States. The study suggests temperatures are going to be significantly warmer in all seasons in the next 30 years, especially in winter. Journal of Geophysical Research,, Science Daily,, Terra Daily, News Release

Maresca receives 2013 R.R. Bensley Award in Cell Biology

Thomas Maresca, Biology, received 2013 R.R. Bensley Award in Cell Biology from the American Association of Anatomists for his “elegant cell biological approaches to the study of spindle assembly and dynamics during mitosis, resulting in important contributions to our understanding of force and signaling at kinetochores. The AAA says its Bensley Award is presented annually for “distinguished contribution to the advancement of anatomy, through discovery, ingenuity, and publications in the field of cell biology.”

Warren co-editor of new book, Urban Bird Ecology and Conservation

Paige Warren, Environmental Conservation, is the co-editor of a recently published book from the University of California Press, “Urban Bird Ecology and Conservation,” a collection of views by leading researchers on cities, one of our most “under-studied environments,” Warren notes.
News Release

Rawlins, Bradley project warmer, wetter Northeast winters

Michael Rawlins and Raymond Bradley of the Climate System Research Center, have applied regional climate models to examine likely temperature and precipitation changes in the Northeast, suggesting warmer temperatures throughout the year and more rain likely in the winters. News Release, Journal of Geophysical Research

$12.3 million Lederle laboratory renovation completed

On December 10, UMass Amherst officials celebrated the completion of a two-year, $12.3 million, 15,000 square foot laboratory renovation in the Lederle Graduate Research Center. Renovations included new plumbing, wiring, fire protection, air handling systems, offices and laboratory facilities on three floors, and a new $1 million nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometer, an X-ray crystallography instrument and an autoclave in the basement. The instrumentation greatly enhances the ability of UMass Amherst’s biochemists to conduct experiments that explore how cells work at the molecular level. Renovations were funded by the university and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

Junior Lund receives Class of 2011 scholarship

Melanie Lund, a junior Psychology student, received the Class of 2011 Scholarship from the UMass Amherst Senior Campaign Committee, a program of the Student Philanthropy Committee. Lund was awarded $1,000 towards next semester's tuition. UMass Amherst Student Philanthropy

Barowy’s work on AutoMan is featured

Daniel Barowy, a doctoral student working with Emery Bergr, Computer Science, and his work on the fully automated task-delegating AutoMan, were featured in recent articles., Hindu Business Line

Gierasch traps a chaperone machine in action

Lila Gierasch, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, leads a research team that have deciphered key steps in the mechanism of the Hsp70 molecular chaperone by “trapping” it in action, opening a pathway to possible new cancer treatment., Science Daily, News Release

Bradley co-authors new study on how cheatgrass impacts range fires

Bethany Bradley, Environmental Conservation, co-authored a study showing that cheatgrass, an invasive species brought west by pioneers, is a significant cause of bigger, hotter, and more frequent range fires in the American West. BBC, NPR, Los Angeles Times, International Business Times,, Science Daily, Science Codex, News Release

Horticulture holiday program is new partnership between Landscape Management and Stockbridge students

Poinsettias in offices across campus for the holiday season are part of a new program partnering Landscape Management with students from the Stockbridge School of Agriculture. News Release

Santore, Schnell elected AAAS fellows

Maria Santore, Polymer Science and Engineering, and Danny Schnell, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, have been awarded the distinction of fellow of The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Santore was elected for her important contributions to applied macromolecular and interfacial science, and for exemplary service as an editor, program organizer and creator of innovative outreach and diversity initiatives. Schnell is recognized for “distinguished contributions to the field of biological sciences,” particularly in the area of evolution and mechanisms of chloroplast protein transport, and for service to the plant science community.

Warren says some human impacts on animals are positive

Paige Warren, Environmental Conservation, says new findings that birds that use cigarette butts to line their nests prevent pests such as mites, show that not all human impacts on animals are negative. New Scientist

New study by Ross unravels cellular ‘traffic jams’ in active transport

Using a special technique and unique microscope, a new study led by Jennifer Ross, Physics, greatly advances understanding of how active cellular transport proceeds smoothly, particularly in long cells such as neurons where it is vital to their survival. Science Daily,,,, Nanowerk, Bio-medicine, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, News Release

Schreyer publishes new book, Architectural Design with SketchUp

Alexander C. Schreyer, Environmental Conservation, has published a new book, “Architectural Design with SketchUp.” Which expands understanding of architectural CAD software. News Release

Fu listed among influential IT security minds

Kevin Fu, Computer Science, earned honorable mention on the 2012 SC Magazine list of influential IT security minds for exposing vulnerabilities in medical devices. SC Magazine

Brigham-Grette underscores link between superstorm Sandy and sea-level rise

Julie Brigham-Grette, Geosciences, commented on a recent study in Science that details the loss of polar ice and implications on the rise of sea levels and weather events like superstorm Sandy., Science Recorder, Walla Walla Union-Bulletin

iCons is model for Williston Northampton AP pilot program

Scott Auerbach, Professor of Chemistry, is the director of the Integrated Concentration in Science (iCons) program, which serves as the model for an AP pilot program at Williston Northampton School. Williston Northampton School

Irschick details Geckskin’s adhesive qualities

Duncan Irschick, Biology, one of the developers of Geckskin, discussed in an article how the adhesive material mimics the adhesive surfaces of geckos’ feet. Audubon Magazine, Geckskin website