CNS at a Glance

Fourteen Departments and Two Schools

Astronomy, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Conservation, Food Science, Geosciences, Mathematics and Statistics, Microbiology, Physics, Polymer Science and Engineering, Psychological and Brain Sciences, School of Earth and Sustainability, Stockbridge School of Agriculture, and Veterinary and Animal Sciences

Please note that Computer Science is now the College of Information and Computer Sciences.

Eighteen Buildings

Agriculture Engineering, Apiary, Bowditch, Chenowith, Clark, Conte Polymer Science, Fernald, French, Goessmann, Hasbrouck, Holdsworth, Integrated Sciences, Lederle, Life Sciences Laboratories, Morrill, Paige, Stockbridge, Tobin


6 AS programs (Stockbridge School)

33 BS & BA programs

39 MS & PhD programs

Grants FY2014

$67.15 million in state appropriations

$69.50 million in sponsored research


317 Tenure system faculty

85 Lecturers

41 Research and extension faculty

7,015 Undergraduate students

957 Graduate students

Interdisciplinary Collaborations

5 Graduate programs
Architecture & Design
Molecular & Cellular Biology
Neuroscience & Behavior
Organismic & Evolutionary Biology
Plant Biology
Sustainability Science

7 Graduate student training &
certificate opportunities
Cognitive Science
Food Science Public Policy
NSF IGERT, Cellular Engineering
NSF IGERT, Nanotechnology Innovation
NIH Chemistry-Biology Interface
Peace & the Prevention of Violence

4 UMass Extension

Extension Agriculture and Commercial Horticulture
Environmental and Water Conservation
4-H Youth Development
Extension Nutrition Education Program