iCons students Cindy Hession '14, Biology, and Marco Eres '15, Chemistry, who interned at Waters Corporation in Milford, Mass., were featured in a video about the program's growing relationship with industry. Watch video

The research of Vincent Rotello and doctoral candidate Le Ngoc, Chemistry, offering a multi-channel sensor method using gold nanoparticles that can accurately profile various anti-cancer drugs and their mechanisms in minutes is featured on Research Next.

Congratulations to Andrea Pocar, Physics, who has been awarded tenure by the Board of Trustees. News release

Jonathan D. Woodruff, Geosciences, says he has uncovered evidence that powerful ancient kamikazes, typhoon-strength winds that saved Japan from invading Mongol fleets in the 13th century, actually happened, as published in Nature.

Linda R. Tropp, Psychological and Brain Sciences, wrote a column in Psychology Today discussing how racial anxiety can help perpetuate racial inequality and offering empathy as a solution.