John P. Burand, Microbiology, told a legislative hearing in Boston looking at the collapse of honeybee hives in the state that banning chemicals called neonicotinoids only addresses part of the problem. He said Varroa mites are the top cause of bee colony collapse. Boston Globe

Joseph P. Kopera, Geosciences, told WWLP-TV 22 that scientists are keeping a close watch on local weather events such as the flash flooding on Route 9 in Williamsburg on July 28, as part of an overall effort to be prepared for more severe weather in the future.

Using data from the largest cross-sectional survey of climate change perceptions ever conducted, researchers including Ezra Markowitz, Environmental Conservation, have found that about 40 percent of adults worldwide have never heard of climate change. This rises to more than 65 percent in some developing countries. The results indicate that to be most effective, climate-related messages must be tailored to public awareness and perceptions specific to each nation, as published in Nature Climate Change. Blue & Green Tomorrow, Science Newsline, International Business Times, Life Sciences World, Scientific American, Eurasia Review, Red Lake Nation News,, news release

In a new assessment of nine climate model simulations provided by major international modeling centers, Michael Rawlins, Geosciences and manager, the Climate System Research Center, and colleagues found broad disagreement in the amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) annually sequestered in tundra and boreal ecosystems of Northern Eurasia, a vast, understudied region of the world, as published in Biogeosciences (PDF). Rawlins also identified a trend among the nine models that shows the region’s land carbon sink has been strengthening in recent decades, drawing in more carbon than expected but lately showing signs of weakening., news release

Mary C. Owen, UMass Extension, was featured in the July issue of SportsTurf, the official publication of the national Sports Turf Managers Association, in a department called The Interview.