Kathryn Cooney and Michael Roberts, both Environmental Science, have won second place UMass Amherst Libraries Undergraduate Sustainability Research awards. Cooney's paper was “Longitudinal Differences in Brook Trout Density and Mean Length in Headwater Streams of Western Massachusetts”. Roberts' paper, a team effort, was "Coastal Erosion in Cape Cod, Massachusetts: Finding Sustainable Solutions”.

The new Center for Data Science, launched by UMass Amherst, which will coordinate and significantly expand the university's capacity for research, education, and industry collaboration, is featured on Research Next.

The new modeling and analyses of fault geometry in the Earth’s crust using kaolin that is being done by Michele Cooke, master's student Alex Hatem, and postdoctoral scholar Elizabeth Madden, all Geosciences, is featured on Research Next.

The Center for Research on Families (CRF) has announced its annual student family research grants and awards and CNS students have won nine of the 16 awards, which totaled nearly $50,000. The Family Research Graduate Student Grants: doctoral candidates Shayl F. Griffith, Clinical Psychology and Mary Catherine Catanese, Neuroscience and Behavior. The Family Research Travel Grants: doctoral candidates Samantha Bernecker, Clinical Psychology,and Amanda Cremone, Neuroscience and Behavior. Bernecker also received a Methodological Studies Grant. The Family Research Honors Thesis/Capstone Awards: Avery Hennigar, Psychological and Brain Sciences/Public Health. The Family Research Undergraduate Assistantships: Meghann Zapcic, Psychological and Brain Sciences; Yelena Ravvina, Psychological and Brain Sciences/Public Health; Angela Essa, Biology; and Emily Reilly, Psychological and Brain Sciences/Nutrition. Center for Research on Families

Douglas R. Hardy, Geosciences, commented in a story on Nature.com about how scientists who study ice cores are having an increasingly difficult time finding valid samples because glaciers are melting and that is changing the composition of the ice that is left behind.