Harry Bermudez, Polymer Science and Engineering, was profiled in Chemical and Engineering News.

Scott Jackson, Environmental Conservation, was interviewed by Boston.com about the tunnels under Henry Street in North Amherst that allows salamanders to cross the roads safely. Jackson was deeply involved in the creation of the tunnels in 1987.

Massachusetts is the top state for college graduates for finding jobs in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, according to a Georgetown University report, said WWLP-TV 22. Two UMass Amherst students said the study gave them confidence they would find jobs after graduation.

Chi Hin “Tim” Lam of the Large Pelagics Research Center, with colleagues, reported the preferred habitat of striped marlin in the Pacific Ocean, using direct observations collected by satellite tags, in the largest study to track this valuable commercial and recreational fish, as published in Fisheries Research. Science Newsline, Phys.org, Boston Herald, Santa Cruz Sentinel, WSHM-TV 3, San Francisco Chronicle, Times-Union, Herald Tribune, Science Daily, News release

The research of the Large Pelagics Research Center (LPRC) assessing of Atlantic bluefin tuna was featured in the March 2015 issue of National Fisherman. Using spotter pilots was a tremendous help in determining the size and location of schools in bluefin tuna in the Atlantic, says director Molly Lutcavage, Environmental Conservation.