The research of Neal Katz, professor, and Mark Fardal, senior research fellow, both Astronomy, exploring why the universe is so bright, was featured in a larger story called Six Unsolved Problems in Astronomy in Real Clear Science. The research was published in Astrophysical Journal Letters in July.

A textbook by Raymond S. Bradley, Geosciences, Paleoclimatology: Reconstructing Climates of the Quaternary (3rd ed.) , published by Elsevier/Academic Press, has been named one the six 2015 Textbook Excellence Award Winners (College) by the the Text and Academic Authors Association. TAA Blog

Michael J. Ramsey Musolf, Physics, and director, Amherst Center for Fundamental Interactions, was one of seven LGBT physicists interviewed about their experiences as sexual and gender minorities. Physics Today

Michael A. Rawlins, manager of the Climate System Research Center, said February was the coldest ever on record in Amherst with an average temperature of 11.2 degrees, the lowest since records were first kept in 1835. Daily Hampshire Gazette

Margaret Riley, Biology, announced that she is partnering with a Chinese scientist to develop a new drug platform, pheromonicins. The Chinese government is committing $400 million per year to support the newly created Pheromonicin Institute of Beijing. Riley plans to open a sister institute in the Amherst area. WGGB-TV 40,, Infection Control Today, Business West, New England Public Radio, News release