Julie Brigham-Grette, Geosciences, is quoted in a story in Nature about President Obama's proposed budget increases for research in the fiscal 2017 budget he has drafted. Brigham-Grette says she and other scientists who work in the arctic regions would like the Coast Guard to get another heavy icebreaker. She says the new vessel is needed, "so that no matter what the season, even in midwinter, we have the capability to go where we need to go." Nature

CNS students, including Ankita Shankhdhar, a master’s student in applied mathematics, participated in a UMass Hackathon organized by the UMass Graduate Researchers interested in Data club, or GRiD. Over the course of a weekend, an interdisciplinary group of 90 students from the Five Colleges tried to make sense of hundreds of thousands of rows of numbers, asking and attempting to answer questions about how the PVTA operates and whether there are ways it can improve. Daily Hampshire Gazette

The Laboratory of Medical Zoology, directed by Stephen M. Rich, Microbiology, is featured in a news story that highlights a grant from the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension Program to test ticks in Cape Cod to see if they are carrying a variety of infectious diseases including Lyme disease. Rich says the tick testing service helps people get proper medical treatment and gives scientists an idea of where the infected ticks are located and where they are moving. Cape Cod Times

Susan K. Whitbourne, Psychological and Brain Sciences, writes about how being a perfectionist in the workplace doesn't have to be difficult for the individual or the other workers. She says the impulse to be perfect is complicated and often is rooted in internal insecurity and a constant need for validation by people in authority. Quartz

David Bloniarz, Environmental Conservation, has received one of 10 CESL Faculty Fellowships from UMass Civic Engagement and Service-Learning. Bloniarz is developing a new course, "Urban Forestry: Structure, Function and Value" that will integrate classroom learning with community-based learning. Read more