Linda Tropp, Psychology and Brain Sciences, co-authors a piece examining an increase in white racial identity in America and how this is affecting white Americans’ support of Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy. San Francisco Chronicle, San Antonio Express News, The Conversation, Stamford Advocate, Connecticut Post

Ervin Staub, professor emeritus of Psychology and Brain Sciences, and founding director of the doctoral program on the psychology of peace and violence, offers advice Huffington Post to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on how she can win the November election. Huffington Post

Biologists who study the mechanics of cell division have for years disagreed about how much force is at work when the cell’s molecular engines are lining chromosomes up in the cell, preparing to winch copies to opposite poles across a bridge-like structure called the kinetochore to form two new cells. The question is fundamental to understanding how cells divide, says Thomas Maresca, Biology. Using two different force sensors to measure opposing forces inside dividing Drosophila cells, lead scientist Maresca and colleagues have proposed in Nature Communications that kinetochore fibers exert hundreds of piconewtons of poleward-directed force on kinetochores, settling the matter of how much force is brought to bear. Read more

Implementing the first phase of a major fellowship program designed to facilitate the recruitment, retention and success of academically talented students from historically underrepresented populations, the Graduate School recently welcomed its inaugural class of 37 Research Enhancement and Leadership Fellows to campus. Since arriving, the fellows have participated in an array of activities intended to help them navigate the transition to graduate study. Read more

The $150 million Institute for Applied Life Sciences (IALS) will be launched formally on Friday, Oct. 21 as industry partners join state and university officials to celebrate the investment aimed at bringing new discoveries in healthcare services and products to the marketplace. CNS faculty and research labs are actively engaged in a range of IALS projects. Read more