Linda R. Tropp, Psychological and Brain Sciences, wrote a column in Psychology Today discussing how racial anxiety can help perpetuate racial inequality and offering empathy as a solution.

Vincent Rotello and doctoral candidate Le Ngoc, both Chemistry, have developed offer a multi-channel sensor method using gold nanoparticles that can accurately profile various anti-cancer drugs and their mechanisms in minutes, rather than the typically time-consuming methods that require special equipment, as reported in Nature Nanotechnology., Science Codex, Laboratory Talk, Nanotech Now, Health Canal, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, Controlled Environments, eScience News, News release

Geckskin technology and its developers, Duncan Irschick, Biology, and Alfred Crosby, Polymer Science and Engineering, are featured in an article examining the real-world foundations for futuristic weaponry used in the new video game. Business Insider

Lisa Scott and doctoral candidates Hillary Hadley and Charisse Pickron, all Psychological and Brain Sciences, have found that talking to babies in their first year, in particular naming things in their world, can help them make connections between what they see and hear, and these learning benefits can be seen as much as five years later, as reported in Developmental Science., Psych Central, Science Newsline, MedicalXpress, Science Codex.

Lena Fletcher, Rick Harper, and Ezra Markowitz, all Environmental Conservation, were selected for Civic Engagement and Service-Learning Faculty fellowships for 2015, which provide faculty with a forum and support to incorporate service-learning into their courses and help students make significant contributions to the larger community. Environmental Conservation News