Andrea Pocar, Laura Cadonati and doctoral student Keith Otis, all Physics, report in Nature that for the first time they, along with an international team, have directly detected neutrinos created by the “keystone” proton-proton (pp) fusion process going on at the sun’s core. Daily Mail, Yahoo News, French Tribune, Laboratory Equipment, Christian Science Monitor, Nature World News, Daily Hampshire Gazette, International Business Times, Uncover California,, Science Newsline, Physics World, Science Daily,, Science magazine, Electronic Component News, Science Codex, News Release

Robert M. DeConto, Geosciences, was interviewed for the radio program “Our Changing World” about the latest findings on the melting ice sheets in Antarctica and what that may mean for sea levels worldwide. Radio New Zealand

Susannah B. Lerman, Environmental Conservation, is featured in a New England Public Radio story about Neighborhood Nestwatch, a study of backyard birds in the area. New England Public Radio

Jorge Velasquez '14, Mathematics and Statistics, and Economics undergraduate, is featured in a story about how college graduates are increasingly drawn to Silicon Valley rather than Wall Street when they seek jobs after graduation. CNN Money, Hartford Business Journal

Khaja Muneeruddin, Chemistry doctoral candidate, has been granted a $30,000 2014–2015 Global Fellowship Award from the United States Pharmacopeial Convention. The grant will help fund the development of novel analytical tools to characterize the natural diversity of biopharmaceutics, and will be conducted under the guidance of Muneeruddin’s faculty advisor, Igor Kaltrashov.