Derek Lovley, Microbiology; Mark Tuominen, Physics; Nikhil S. Malvankar, Physics Postdoctoral Fellow; and Sibel Ebru Yalcin, Physics PhD '10, report in the current issue of Nature Nanotechnology that they’ve used a new imaging technique, electrostatic force microscopy (EFM), to provided stronger evidence than ever to support their claims that the microbe Geobacter produces tiny electrical wires, called microbial nanowires. Innovations Report,, ECN magazine, Science Codex, Nanowerk,,, Product Design and Development, Science Daily, News release

Reaching Down the Rabbit Hole a new book by Brian D. Burrell, Mathematics and Statistics, and Allan Ropper, was excerpted in the Boston Globe magazine.

Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Psychological and Brain Sciences, and her research finding the midlife crisis notion to be a myth, are the focus of an article in the Daily Mail.

John M. Clark, Veterinary and Animal Sciences, says head lice are growing resistant to over-the-counter treatments because doctors have relied on the same compound to kill them for decades, as reported in Popular Science

Panos Kevrekidis, Mathematics and Statistics, is serving as the Stanislaw M. Ulam Distinguished Scholar for 2014-15 at the Center for Nonlinear Studies of the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in New Mexico. News release