Michele L. Cooke, Geosciences, has been elected to the board of directors for the Southern California Earthquake Center.

Thomas Zoeller, Biology, tells Endocrine Today that the methods used to test endocrine-disrupting chemicals in the environment are weak and that testing hasn’t significantly changed since the 1970s. Zoeller also argues that federal regulators at the Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration are failing to identify how endocrine-disrupting chemicals work or how to measure their toxicity.

Geunhwa Jung, Stockbridge School of Agriculture, is quoted extensively in Golf Course Industry, saying that the long, warm fall followed by a severe cold and snowy winter make it difficult to predict whether dollar spot, the turfgrass disease, will be a major problem this spring.

Michele L. Cooke, postdoctoral fellow Elizabeth H. Madden, and Alex E. Hatem '14 MS, all Geosciences, have explained fault evolution near fault bends such as along California’s San Andreas Fault in greater detail than ever before with experiments using kaolin, or china clay, prepared so its strength scales to that of the Earth’s crust when confined in a clay box. This research is expected to help scientists more accurately predict earthquake hazards and allow them to better understand how Earth evolved, as reported in the Journal of Geophysical Research. R & D magazine, Space Daily, Phys.org, Science Daily, Tech Times, Science Newsline, News release

Molly Lutcavage, Environmental Conservation, and director, the Large Pelagic Research Center (LPRC), and her former doctoral students Kara Dodge and Benjamin Galuardi have documented leatherback turtles’ remarkable navigation abilities with state-of-the-art, GPS-linked satellite tags in Proceedings of the Royal Society B. They believe this is the first analysis of migratory orientation in adult and subadult leatherbacks. New York Times, Boston Globe, Science Daily, Tech Times, Science Newsline, The Conversation, Maritime Global News, Oceannews.com, Star Tribune, Republican