Alexandra Pope, Astronomy, is featured in Western Mass News about working with the Girls Inc. "Eureka" program in Holyoke aimed at getting girls interested in science and mathematics. Western Mass News

Katie Campbell-Nelson, UMass Extension, says drought conditions in Massachusetts have been hurting local farmers. She says, "Some farmers are abandoning crops because it's not worth the financial risk of harvesting them." Sun Chronicle (from AP)

Stephen M. Rich, Microbiology, and director of the Laboratory of Medical Zoology, comments in a story about a survey he collaborated on this spring that found the tick-borne disease Powassan was more widespread in Massachusetts than scientists had previously thought. The disease is one of several carried by and transmitted by deer ticks. Truro was the site that had the most infected ticks, about 10 ½ percent while other sites on the Cape had smaller percentages. Scientists believe the virus may have been present on the Cape for a number of years. Boston Globe

A new study of population trends among 46 ecologically diverse bird species in North America conducted by avian ecologist Joel Ralston and UMass Amherst colleagues overturns a long-held assumption that the climate conditions occupied by a species do not change over time. Read more

Julian Tyson, Chemistry, and student Ishtiaq “Rafi” Rafiyu are partnering with Chemists Without Borders to develop a low-cost, easy-to-use test kit to measure naturally occurring arsenic in Bangladesh’s rice supply, offering consumers information on exposure. Watch video